Joule Investments : About Us

Joule Investments is a global investment and development firm that builds, owns, and operates alternative energy assets in emerging markets.

In 2008, Greg Newman and Kevin Clark founded Joule Investments, leveraging their Silicon Valley and international financial market successes to begin building alternative energy projects. The firm now has operations in Latin America, where it is one of the fastest growing alternative energy developers and producers in the Republic of Chile. Additional expansion is planned into other Latin American countries in the near term.


In 2011, Greg and Kevin partnered with Andrew Cavaghan and Mark Green, to form Joule Africa, a sister company, with operations in Sierra Leone and Cameroon. Joule Investments and Joule Africa together have access to over 2 GW of capacity in their development pipelines, comprised mainly of hydroelectric plants..

The firm has offices in San Francisco, California, USA and in Santiago, Chile.